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Graphics in C++ Builder 6 (PNG files)

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Sep 14, 2004, 2:07:18 PM9/14/04
I am using C++ Builder 6.

I am trying to use a PNG file (installed a component that gives the
png option) on a form. It displays fine.

The problem is, when i try and stretch the image (stretch set to
true), only the image box, not the image itself stretches and I dont
know why. Works fine with bmp files.

if there is not a solution to the above... My objective with the png
graphic files is to use them as panels.. The panels that come with
Builder are rectangular and boring. I want to find a component that
gives the ability to round the corners and give a larger variety of
color options.

If you know of this type of component, please let me know.

Any thoughts?

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