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siggraph proceedings for sale/Mac ATi Rage Pro

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Nick Thompson

Jan 4, 2001, 11:31:42 PM1/4/01
I'm selling some Siggraph conference proceedings on ebay, the auction urls
are below:





Please pass this on if you think it will be useful


J.L Cooper Midi controller, adb controller

 J.L. Cooper Fadermaster Programmable MIDI controller

J.L. Cooper Control Station CS1

PhatBoy Midi controller Knob Box

 Keyfax PhatBoy Midi controller (Rebirth/xg/gs/GM)

Effects Units

 Alesis Wedge Reverb Unit

 Digitech S-100 multieffects unit

Bargain Cables BRAND NEW

 Eight Hosa PXM-105 XLR to unbalanced phone ca

Cool music equipment

EMU Esi 4000 Sampler with Zip and 128MB memory

Roland VS880 CD Burner (VS-880-S2)

Yamaha WX5 MIDI Wind Controller

R8 Drum Machine Sample ROMs

 Roland R8 "Power Drums USA" card SN-R8-09

 Roland R8 "Dry" card SN-R8-08

 Roland R8 "Sound Effects" card SN-R8-03

Style cards for Roland Arranger Keyboards

 Roland Style Card TN-SC1-14 "Dance 4"

 Roland Style Card TN-SC1-13 "Dance 3"

 Roland Style Card TN-SC1-12 "Dance 2"

 Roland Style Card TN-SC1-11 "Dance 1"

other stuff

 *NEW* AP Audio 48 way patchbay

 Roland S-MPU64 64 port USB MIDI interface


1997 Siggraph conference proceedings

 1996 Siggraph conference proceedings

 1995 Siggraph conference proceedings

 1993 Siggraph conference proceedings

 Code Complete, Steve McConnell

 Programming Windows 95, Charles Petzold

Apple Newton MessagePad 2000/2100 keyboard

Mint Apple Media Tool Programming Environment

Mini Keyboard & Logitech Mouse

ATi Xclaim Rage Pro Graphics Card for Mac

Iambic Action Names for Newton

Palm Graffiti for Newton MessagePad 100/110

Notion 1.5 for Newton MessagePad

Silicon Casino for Newton Massage Pad

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