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Request for help regarding collision detection

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May 16, 2002, 1:26:58 PM5/16/02
Say I have a scenario in which a game is using a BSP tree as a secondary
data structure for a triangle mesh environment, and the environment is
basically a series of connected rooms with stationary objects (which can
be hidden behind) and movable objects. The movable objects can be
thrown by both computer avatars and a single human avatar.

Using AABBs for character-character and character-environment
collision detection and AABBs for throwable object collision detection,
is it possible to use only the AABBs for collision detection without
using a narrow phase, exact triangle-triangle intersection for the moving
objects? i.e. would this be sufficient for my proposed game?

The reason I ask is that
I understand that a problem arises when the bounding boxes intersect
without the actual objects coming into contact.

However, I have read somewhere that single phase algorithms
can be used - the info given was as follows:

using a single partitioning heirachy
-bounding volumes hierarchy
-spatial partitioning such as BSP tree
top levels coarse
-equivalent to broad phase
lower levels subdivide objects to polygon level
-equivalent to narrow phase

What I don't understand is whether this actually constitutes using a
narrow phase or whether this is a solution which is only using AABBs
for collision detection. So, going back to my original question
Is it possible to use ONLY AABBs for collision detection for the
game scenario mentioned above?

Many Thanks


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