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Kevin Gleeson

Mar 5, 2012, 6:43:02 PM3/5/12
Anyone still monitor this group? Haven't seen a post in here in ages.

I do have a valid question though.

I used LW since the mid-90s

Through the 2000s I was using 3DSMax but still using Lighwave for
modelling. This was at a production studio I worked with for a decade.

Therefore I didn't upgrade LW beyond 5.6

I am now out of work and broke and cannot afford to buy either Max or

I am licensed for 5.6 (I used to have 3 licenses) but have no idea
where my dongle or install discs are. They may be in a shipping
container 2000km away from me, but it is not practical to get them

I've emailed Newtek about this situation but have no reply.

I've legitimately bought this software. I don't need the latest
version, I just need something that can create me work. I downloaded
the latest version, but it is so restricted in trial version that it
is unworkable.

Anyone else tried to deal with Newtek on legacy versions?



Aug 27, 2015, 6:56:45 PM8/27/15
Lol Kev, just skimmed this group today thinking about the old days.
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