3D Chip Broken ?

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Oct 28, 2021, 12:30:16 AM10/28/21
Any diagnosis tools available ?

I and Windows 7 managed to get most of the functionality of the computer back up, like maximize functionality.

That means:

Maximum resolution, HDMI audio working, Web browsers working all in normal mode.

The solution was to do the following and I also made some videos about it to show it all:

1. Boot to safe mode.
2. Disable the graphics chip.
3. Boot to normal mode.
4. Change the windows theme to windows classic theme to avoid 3D acceleration of the desktop.
5. Boot to safe mode.
7. Change firefox webbrowser, disable 3d acceleration.
8. Change opera webbrowser, disable 3d acceleration and restart browser to store settings.

Step 7 and 8 could be tried after step 2 to save one reboot.

I am not yet 100% convinced that the 3D chip is broken but most likely, there is probably some damage deep inside of it, however it could also be some kind of damage software stack. Anyway here are three videos shining some light on this. If you want to see the broken graphics check out video 2 and the bonus video.
In video 1 quake was fullscreen preventing bandicam from recording the broken graphics however something else can be noticed, "weird pixels".
Video 1 also shows how to do some of these steps above.

How To Get Windows Working On Laptop With Broken 3D Chip Part 1 of 2:

How To Get Windows Working On Laptop With Broken 3D Chip Part 2 Of 2 Quake 3 Arene Demo Evidence:

Bonus video, me having some fun with this broken 3D chip, "Skynet in the code inside" ! LOL:

One more thing I noticed, special message to Alex Jones:

Your video player on banned.video does not work in windows 7 safe mode and firefox ? Weird ! ;)

Don't worry, your videos do play with 3d acceleration disabled, just not in safe mode, weird huh... maybe now it might work or probably not, I know strange...

Bye for now,
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