OpenGL Application: FrameNumber for examining display monitors !

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Feb 28, 2021, 10:47:24 PM2/28/21

Today I wrote a simple Microsoft Windows opengl 3.0 application for inspecting frame numbers, frames per second.

I was wondering if maybe monitors drop frames like internet packets, maybe as a way to cheat. So far I also recorded some high speed camera footage with powershot hs sx50 or whatever, which can shoot 250 fps per second.

The application is here, which displays a white increasing number, one increment per frame, it's v-synched and all, so it should be able to adept to whatever the frame rate is set of the monitor/video card refresh rate and such:

Multiple download options:

Direct link to zipfile:

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Link to executables:

I recommend installing a graphics card driver before attemping to run it. Also it is not multi-threaded and it simply uses the main thread of Delphi's VCL, sometimes this might lockup or something on my laptop, not sure why, this app might require administrator level access to be able to run, not sure, just try a couple of times if you have any troubles starting it, make sure to terminate it later if it doesn't run properly. I haven't isolated the source of this problem yet if it occurs, usually after bootup of laptop.

Anyway here is also some camera footage of toshiba laptop and also a fujitsu-siemens monitor:

I hope to be buying a new PC soon which will ofcourse require a new monitor as well. The last PC I bought was 14 years ago ! Holyfuck !

I am very much interested in monitor quality !

So if you happen to have a high speed video camera like mine and you believe you have a top monitor then do a little test, run this frame counter application and then record it, put the video somewhere on the internet and send me a reply in this forum or via e-mail: skybuck2000 at hotmail dot com.

And I will look at your video ! Hopefully it's not infected with a video virus ! ;) =D

I am curious to the gray to gray times. I have also noticed red to green to blue times and a struggle for this particular cheap monitor which was bought by a priest and given to my MOTHER ! =D

Anyway, maybe I will make another application for that, I kinda already have one it's simply displaying random reds and greens and blue pixels at their maximum intensity and then simply scroll it, which ofcourse does require opengl for fast rendering, and this will show the reds greens and blue going dark as the screen scrolls ! Which kinda sucks about this futjisue monitor.

So I definetly want something better than that for my next PC ! ;)

Meanwhile I will continue using my mother's laptop, a toshiba from 2012.

It's also in one of the videos and it's quite bright and does manage to render the numbers quite well... I do notice some rasterization as the screen scrolls in another app I wrote... that's kinda strange. It's like the colors have grids inside of them... like square boxes of all kinds of colors.

Perhaps more on that later.

Perhaps I will write a more thorough monitor testing tools.

Because there are so many weaknesses in all kinds of monitor display technology, most of which only become apperent when viewing at a certain angle, or when actually scrolling 2D graphics or when certain patterns are displayed even stationary, yes there is a lot of weaknesses in all kinds of monitors and special test sites on the internet.

Not yet sure if I will be able to develop all tests maybe, maybe not.

But for now I am kinda interested in the things I noticed myself in day 2 day practice/operation ! ;)

Bye for now,

P.S.1: Enjoy another great release from Skybuck Flying ! LOL.

P.S.2: I made that font myself ! ;) =D

P.S.3: O, In case you were wondering both monitors did NOT drop any frame s :) (Except when I move the application around, that frame is caused because the application freezes when moving it around the screen ! ;))
Though the fujitsue monitor does seem to struggle to catch up with the frames, and barely makes it, I kinda noticed this in another app, where scrolling seems very shaky !

P.S.4: The laptop does seem to blur the screen when it scrolls, another app will have to be used for that ! ;) (It does look nicer/more smooth then the other monitor)
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