Windows 11 Leaked, Screenshots ! And first impressions !

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Jun 25, 2021, 2:01:11 AM6/25/21

Screenshots and first impression of Windows 11 Leaked:

Just like I reviewed Windows 7 LongHorn a long time ago, today/tonight I took a first look at Windows 11 Leaked version, by installing it in VMWare Workstation 15. So far everything went pretty smooth, had to adjust virtual machine to use only 4 GB of RAM and only 1 core to not lag the system/toshiba laptop, was probably mostly a RAM issue, giving 5 GB only left 1 GB to the rest of system and had firefox running and this caused pagefile swapping, so fortunately windows 11 runs on 4 GB of ram and 1 core which was enough to get through the installation/setup phase and actually test windows so that is quite cool !

The hogging of the harddisk by firefox webbrowser did bog-down the installation speed, but this was kinda nice, could make screenshots of things that might have otherwise disappeared quickly ! ;)

So my main feedback for now is:

1. Make a resident option somewhere so task manager is always in detailed mode. This is my number one hate point about windows 7, I absolutely hate clicking any additional button to get that information !

2. Too much white space in display settings, pretty insane.

3. I don't like video, documents and music folder and such, these are stuffed aways in some obscure folder structure I assume and this is bad, people should make their own folders so they know where it is on the drive.
For more advanced users these icons should be able to be un-pinned and re-pinned to safe space or to get them back, especailly for power users which have many drives or virtual drives.

4. The installation program in the first few steps feels a bit old and could be better, but ok, let's not jynx it.

5. A possible tip/improvement: show all hint messages/pop-ups for all icons on the taskbar all at once, so users don't have to go over them one by one, this could be a major time saver, or at least try and display as many hint boxes as will fit on the screen.

6. Bandwidth throttles for harddisk bandwidth should be introduced per application, so that applications can be limited if they are misbehaving or so.

7. Where is the GPU chart ? Perhaps it's not yet there ? because of VMWare ok might make some sense ! ;)

8. Ethernet should probably be renamed to network or something, not everybody may understand what ethernet means, this was kinda weird/akward, perhaps make sub tabs there per connection technology

9.The letters in "all apps" are kinda stupid and take up too much vertical space !!! Also very inefficient use of column next to it, there is nothing there... use that space !

10. Resolution option 1600x900 is missing ?! Perhaps introduce custom resolution so users can set it very exact ?!?!? Width and Height ?

11. Widgets/News should work without having use an online account.

12. Search window should show most recently used apps in the last month, or last 6 months, or last year, configurable or even pin favorites !

13. Windows updates for Windows 11 should be called Windows 11 Updates and such and not Windows 10 Next.

14. Solitaire is dreadfull, completely over complicated, should be replaced by a nice elegant, clean version, simple version, so people can relax !

15. ToDo should work without an online account. Not being able to use it for simple to do list offline sucks ?!?!

16. Might as well include two buttons: one for "power down' and one for "restart", next to each other, the pop-up menu for the power down button feels weird and unnatural and unexpected, an alternative could be a large pop-up where you can choose what to do, these tiny shitty little buttons can lead to accidental wrong choices being clicked which can be quite annoying ! One may have to wait for a reboot on accidental restart to prevent file system issues ! This is a time waster ! And thus this should be prevented/avoided by making the process of shutting down windows more reliable and less error prone ! it should become larger and more robust !

17. The start up logo is too boring, perhaps spin it around like it's opening or so, or shine some light through it.

Bye for now,

P.S.: I provide these screenshots for you in case you too lazy/too busy or don't have the means to beta-test/install windows 11 yourself and you don't want to watch annoying long youtube videos and just want a quick fix and thorough analysis and crystal clear screenshots of how windows 11 looks.

Also fun too look back at in the future. The first few screenshots also include VMWare but later the screenshots are full screen 1028x786 resolution shots ! =D

Enjoy ! ;) =D

And be curious ! =D
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