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Jun 29, 2008, 4:10:30 AM6/29/08
There is a page used like a "notepad" concerning the development of a
new software for 2D drawing, filtering, composing and image

This work mix raster and vector based tools.

The core (portable for any OO language) already has more than one
million lines of code, since it has been made absolutelly fom scratch.
No libraries, no imports.

Several math models and algorithms has been created to be used inside
this software, including:
- boolean (set) operations over arbitrary polygons;
- warping of vector based shapes;
- self-intersecting polygons simplification;
- 2D fast anti-aliased rasterizer;
- texture sinthesys.

It's not ditributable yet, but if you have curiosity/interest about
this kind of subject, you are invited to see/read something about it
in There you will see some
screenshots about test software for the GDI (the core) been made. This
screenshots have very ugly user interfaces, but, at this moment, the
goal is just show some things that can be done using the core

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