Will Actual Motion Picture be Computed?

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Feb 21, 2012, 10:52:54 AM2/21/12

One of my domains happens to be designing Hardware for Computer
Graphics and related to it, Optimizations of Software written
for such Hardware.

I have personally watched the evolution of Quake & Doom
including having done a rough performance analysis of
one open source product(Quake).

I have a question related to your work as I do not have
any experience of Evolving CG Applications(e.g. Games):

1) Will there be a gradual evolution of Game Engines
(be it for DirectX or OpenGL)?

2) Does "Getting to Motion Picture Video" in Games
completely change the Algorithms in that we would
only be outputing Pictures to the Graphics Card
as opposed to having a Microprocessor actually
crunch algorithms?

The reason I ask these 2 questions is related to design decisions
that I may have to make wrt the Hardware Design & Related
Optimizations. My principal concern is that it is very difficult
to cope up with a "Game Changer" at the R&D level.

I can be more specific in my plans but they are related
to just the same issue: Is the Roadmap going to
change dramatically(A Game Changer)?

Partha Sarathi Panda.

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