SUMMARY: Adobe's Utopia Family

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Stewart Russell

Oct 14, 1992, 5:33:50 PM10/14/92
I've had a good response to this one; thanks to one and all.

A subset of the Utopia font family, comprising


can be found on []

in the directory structure beginning


Each font has its own directory, with font program (PFA), metrics
(AFM), and some screen bitmaps. The subdirectories are

UTBI____.dir for Utopia-BoldItalic
UTB_____.dir for Utopia-Bold
UTI_____.dir for Utopia-Italic
UTRG____.dir for Utopia-Regular

The data is NOT Public Domain, as noted in the following from
Adobe's README file ---

In the interests of furthering standards for the X Window System, Adobe
Systems Incorporated has contributed to the X Consortium and its members
the Adobe typeface software listed below. This Adobe Type 1 font software
donation will now allow users to experience and freely use traditional
high-quality Adobe type in the X Window environment.

Permission to use, reproduce, display and distribute the listed typefaces
is hereby granted, provided that the Adobe Copyright notice appears in all
whole and partial copies of the software and that the following trademark
symbol and attribution appear in all unmodified copies of the software:

Copyright (c) 1989 Adobe Systems Incorporated
Utopia (R)
Utopia is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated

Utopia is also available on []:pub/tex/{charter,utopia}.tar.Z

along with Bitstream Charter. I have not checked the format or
status of the Bitstream font; could someone please summarise?
(Mail me your summary - I can only WRITE this at present.)

General information about PostScript fonts, programming and
implementation can be found by mailing

Beginner's instructions can be received by sending a message
containing the line


to the server.

Thanks to all who responded; I now have Utopia working
beautifully with AmigaTeX and the `Post' software-based RIP.

Stewart C. Russell

Thanks must go to the following people - (John Yeates) (Richard J. Greco) (Jeremy Gibbons) (Anders Thulin) (Peter Ilieve) (Fritz Whittington) (Tim Theisen) (Erik Ableson)

If anyone else has mailed after I wrote this summary, thanks
for trying.

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