Adobe's Utopia Family

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Stewart Russell

Oct 13, 1992, 3:03:23 AM10/13/92
Am I right in thinking that Adobe released this rather nice
font family for public domain distribution?

If so, I need to find the original Adobe AFM (metrics) files;
the version I downloaded from CIX has no kerning information.
If someone could point me in the direction of an ftp site where
I can get the original Utopia AFMs, I'll repost the summary here.

Please DON'T followup to this message; I only have write access
to Usenet. If I get any useful information, I'll summarise it

Thanks in advance,

Stewart C. Russell

Todd J Sines

Oct 13, 1992, 7:38:58 PM10/13/92

i know that you said don't followup to this message, but what is CIX? it is
unfamilar to me in columbus, ohio

i am interested in ftp'ing this family. please let me know where it is, any of

respond >>
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Simon Leinen

Oct 14, 1992, 7:37:13 AM10/14/92
In article <> (Todd J Sines) writes:

i am interested in ftp'ing this family. please let me know where it
is, any of you.....

If you have the X11R5 distribution from MIT, then you have it already.
Otherwise, you can FTP it from

I append the README from this directory. The distribution consists of
afm and pfa (ASCII Type-1) files for each of the four faces.

--------------------------------- README ---------------------------------
In the interests of furthering standards for the X Window System, Adobe
Systems Incorporated has contributed to the X Consortium and its members
the Adobe typeface software listed below. This Adobe Type 1 font software
donation will now allow users to experience and freely use traditional
high-quality Adobe type in the X Window environment.

Permission to use, reproduce, display and distribute the listed typefaces
is hereby granted, provided that the Adobe Copyright notice appears in all
whole and partial copies of the software and that the following trademark
symbol and attribution appear in all unmodified copies of the software:

Copyright (c) 1989 Adobe Systems Incorporated
Utopia (R)
Utopia is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated

The Adobe typefaces (Type 1 font program, bitmaps and Adobe Font Metric
files) donated are:

Utopia Regular
Utopia Italic
Utopia Bold
Utopia Bold Italic

Adobe Systems Incorporated

Kai-Uwe Herbing

Oct 14, 1992, 8:22:38 AM10/14/92
It is on pc/fonts/ This archive contains .PFB, .AFM
and .PFM files for Utopia, Utopia Italic, Utopia Bold and Utopia Bold Italic.

Best regards
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Todd J Sines

Oct 17, 1992, 10:09:32 AM10/17/92

yes. but is this available for mac? or should i use something like TT convertor
or is there a mac to pc type1/tt convertor also?

email directly or just use follow up.

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