REQ: As told by Ginger credits font.

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Aug 5, 2003, 5:59:36 PM8/5/03
Im looking for the font in credits of As told by Ginger.



Perdita X. Dream

Aug 5, 2003, 9:21:45 PM8/5/03
nadieŽ wrote:
> Im looking for the font in credits of As told by Ginger.
> Thanks.

Sorry, but I don't watch Nickelodeon, so how about a link? Please don't
assume everyone will know the show you're referring to, and I, for one, am
not prepared to trawl the web looking for a reference. Always post a link
(no binaries - attachments - here, please) to the font.

Thank you

Perdita X. Dream

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Aug 5, 2003, 11:06:34 PM8/5/03
You must watch it enough to even know that it's a show on Nickelodeon :)
I wouldn't have known whether it was a movie or a Hong Kong TV program.
And certainly wouldn't go on a fishing expedition to find out, either.
- Character

Perdita X. Dream

Aug 6, 2003, 6:34:31 AM8/6/03

I only know because, when you flick through the channels on Sky, a blue box
pops up at the bottom of the screen with the channel number and name, time
and date and the current and next programmes. You can do this without
leaving the channel you're currently watching.

I will admit to being addicted to Cartoon Network/Boomerang though. Some of
those shows are wasted on kids (I AM Weasel, Cow and Chicken, Ned's Newt,
Grim and Evil, Baby Blues, even Dexter's Lab) they all contain jokes that
kids would never understand (even if they had it explained to them, which
rather takes away the point of the joke).

Example (from Baby Blues)

One of the main characters decided to open her own business selling tat (she
called it the Knick Knack Kniche). Her friend asked her why. "Oh my
grandfather had the letters KKK on his headstone, I never really understood
why, but I'm taking it as a sign". No kid would understand the significance
of KKK, so I've designated all of the above grown-up cartoons (in the same
league as The Simpsons, Futurama and South Park).

Sorry, I'm rambling completely OT, now...

Apr 23, 2020, 7:33:45 PM4/23/20
It's called BlindFish.

Chea Kwang Ho

May 7, 2022, 10:42:21 PMMay 7
It’s called Blindfish
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