[VICE] Autostart with tape images doesn't "autostart"

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Andreas Kohlbach

Feb 20, 2019, 2:51:59 PM2/20/19
When I run something like "x64 -autostart some_program.d64" (this is a
1541 disk image) it works; it loads the program and executes it and the
program is running without any further interaction from my side.

But when I execute "x64 -autostart some_program.t64" (this is a tape
image) it starts. Although it omits the "Press play on tape" sequence it
asks for confirmation to load the program found on tape. After it's
loaded into memory I again have to type RUN.

Is this a bug, design flaw or do I get something wrong? Was testing it
with two different tape images and both failed to end up in the program
so I assume something is not right with VICE when auto starting from tape.

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