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Debora Weber-Wulff

Feb 25, 1991, 9:02:30 AM2/25/91
Do there exist explicit teacher training courses of
study in the US/world for computer science teachers?
Or are they mostly trained by learning after they have
their degrees?

We have both programs here in Berlin : Secondary school
teachers can major in CS, and people who are already
teachers can participate in a 3-year course to get
an extra certification.

Does the same discussion rage as it seems to over here
in Germany over a) what should be taught in the schools
b) what do the teachers need to know in order to teach
it (i.e. do we teach our teachers Miranda or HOPE and
Modula, or do we just get down and teach Turbo Pascal
because that is what the schools will have available.

If you want to reach me directly:

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Bill Williston

Feb 26, 1991, 6:34:47 PM2/26/91
I graduated from Eastern Michigan University in 1987 with one of the
first eight computer science teacher certifications. Like most teachers,
I have learned 'on the job'. :-)

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