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Rober Royar (guest user)

Mar 8, 1994, 3:48:09 AM3/8/94

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Date: Mon, 07 Mar 1994 18:43:42 EST
From: IN%"" Robert Royar, (C&CD Moderator)
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Subject: OK, here's more on trolling (1)
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I promise I'll stop after this.
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Date: Thu, 3 Mar 1994 00:36:03 GMT
From: (Ted Frank)
Subject: Re: Need Information (*kibo(tm)*)
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In article <> (Richard Hsiung) writes:
>Trolling is hazing.

Richard, if you are so unable to discern the difference between trolling
and hazing (and it's not even a subtle one), there's very little I can do
to provide you with a clue. You're either gravely misunderstanding trolling
or hazing or both, and I suggest you pay attention before you make a further
fool out of yourself.

One major difference is that trolling isn't aimed at newbies. It's aimed
at self-important people like you who feel the need to play net.cop and and jump down the throats of every post that they disagree with,
immediately hitting "F" before stopping to think, or even read, the post.
It's a lot like those tests your sixth-grade teacher gave you where she
warned you to read all of the instructions. No doubt you were yodeling and
doing twenty jumping jacks and drawing purple triangles while everyone
else was calmly sitting in their seats having read the last instruction
to ignore the first nineteen instructions, write their name on the paper
and turn it in. Trolling is aimed at those who still haven't mastered
that concept.

Another major difference is the complete lack of coercion. No one asked
you to leap up and down screaming and impale yourself on the hook multiple
times (and in violation of standard net.etiquette to not post to a group
until you've read it for two weeks and have a feel for what the group is
about). No adverse consequences would have come to you had you acted in
a normal fashion like 99.999% of the readers of the post and neglected to
followup. You voluntarily and unilaterally, without any prompting from me,
chose to make a fool of yourself in front of five newsgroups, and continue
to make a fool of yourself with five additional posts long after numerous
posters (including the non-newbie "newbie" you were ostensibly coming to the
aid of, no doubt misled in your chivalrous impulses by the female pseudonym
he posts by) let you know you were missing the point and being especially

Richard, if you think long and hard, I'm sure you can identify dozens of
other critical differences. While "troll" and "haze" are both verbs, that's
about all they have in common.
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