Second Coming of Elvis (elvis 2.0 released)

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Steve Kirkendall

Oct 2, 1996, 3:00:00 AM10/2/96

Elvis 2.0 is hereby released! You can download it for free from...

Elvis 2.0 is a clone of the vi/ex, the standard Unix editor. Elvis 2.0 adds
the following features (beyond mere emulation of vi/ex)...

* Multiple edit buffers, so you can edit several files at the same time.
* Multiple windows, so those edit buffers can share screen space.
* Multiple display modes, including...
+ "normal" which looks like the traditional vi screen
+ "hex" which is good for viewing binary files
+ "syntax" which supports syntax coloring (configurable)
+ "man" which formats Unix man-pages like nroff
+ "html" which formats Web pages
* Online hypertextual help
* A variety of user interfaces, including...
+ "termcap" which uses text screens like the traditional vi
+ "x11" which provides a GUI interface for Unix/X-windows users
* Compiling: elvis can parse error messages, and move to source of error
* WYSIWYG printing, with drivers for most printer types
* Built-in calculator with a C-like syntax
* Extreme customizability

The README.html file mentioned earlier describes these features in more
detail, and contains links to archives containing the source code, and
binaries for MS-DOS and Windows95/WindowsNT. The source code should be
easy to compile on any Unix system.
Steve Kirkendall Hanger-On at Portland State U.

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