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Bram Molenaar

Mar 23, 1994, 4:29:15 AM3/23/94
I have had a lot of questions about what is happening to Vim. So I decided to
post this to keep everybody informed. In case you don't know Vim: It is an
improved version (clone) of vi. If you don't know vi you can skip this

Version 2.0 of Vim seems to be very stable. I got only a few serious bug
reports. I don't think I need to release a patch for the reported problems.
Exceptions are for the Silicon Graphics Indigo and for Amiga DOS 1.3. In some
situations Vim will crash on these machines. Ask me for a patch if you are
running one of these.

What will be included in the next version? Multiple windows! Thanks to Looc
Grenie, who made the first implementation on version 1.27. I am currently
merging his patches into version 2.0. Then we need to do a lot of testing. So
it will take a few months before this will be released.

I hope to finish release 3.0 during the summer. Why? Because I have plans to
go to Uganda in September! If you have read "uganda.txt" you'll know where I
will be going. I hope to help the Ugandan people with setting up water systems
in 25 villages. Will this stop the development of Vim? NO! I plan to buy a
notebook PC and take it with me. I'll work on Vim whenever I have time. E-mail
will be possible, but expect long response times.

While I am in Uganda I won't have any income. I can manage to make ends meet
for a year. But I noticed that notebooks are quite expensive. If you like me
to continue working on Vim, please consider sending me a donation. Read
"uganda.txt" for details or ask me.

After including support for multiple windows I hope to support a swap file and
extended memory. And there is a large number of good ideas waiting in the todo

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