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Re: [VIM] How to obtain Command Line Options in VIM? SOLVED

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Kenny McCormack

Jun 14, 2021, 10:18:00 AM6/14/21
In article <slrnscefis.n0...@publicly.invalid>,
Andreas Mattheiss <> wrote:
>to bring this thread to a conclusion in style, here's what I've done,
>making use of what I learnt in the process:
>" Experimental commandline parsing stuff below
>" Only works on LINUX and with 7.4 and above

It turns out that the oldest version of VIM on Linux that I have available
to test is 7.3.547. This is on a system that was installed in 2014 (and
never updated). As far as I can tell, it (using readfile() with the
cmdline file) works as expected there.

I really wonder why it didn't work before that, although it probably has to
do with the nulls.

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