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Darren Hiebert

Dec 30, 1993, 11:04:27 AM12/30/93

Many have asked, few have heard. Vim 2.0 is now available.

I have uploaded a gzipped tar file containing the sources, docs, and macros
to It is called vim-2.0.tar.gz. You
should be able to find it there until it is moved into its final resting
place in /pub/Linux/apps/editors.

Though, Vim is portable to most any flavor of Unix, as well as MSDOS and
Amiga, I have submitted this to the Linux project on behalf of the author,
Bram Moolenaar, since he does not really have a permanent site for Vim. I
have included an MSDOS executable file in the tar for cross-platform
compatibility. Vim 2.0 has many good inprovements since version 1.27.

Vim (Vi IMproved) is A Vi clone with many additional features. It contains:
multi-level undo/redo; column-wise and highlighted cut and paste; the
ability to compile from within the editor, trapping error messages, allowing
interactive development; configurable word wrap and paragraph formatting;
on-line help; horizontal scrolling; cmdline completion; auto line-end mode
detection and adjustment.

Darren Hiebert <> "Made entirely from recycled materials"

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