MSDOS VIM 1.27 uploaded to garbo

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Apr 27, 1993, 9:45:54 AM4/27/93

I just uploaded the MSDOS binary for vim 1.27 to
Expect it to be available in a few days, probably in

The file name is ("x" for executable).

In case anyone doesn't know what i'm talking about....

File name:

One line description:

Vi comp. editor, multi-level undo, many other features.


The previous version was not uploaded to archives, only
through Usenet, but gained wide acceptance, especially in

Suggested Garbo directory:


Uploader name & email:

Glauber Ribeiro (

(I'm uploading this in behalf of the author, because he
doesn't have access to ftp.)

Author or company:

Bram Moolenaar

Email address:

Special requirements: ansi.sys or better

Shareware payment required from private users: none

Shareware payment required from corporates: none

Demo: no

Nagware: no

Self-documenting: yes

External documentation included: yes

Source included: no, but available


-rw------- 1 gmribeir 162394 Apr 27 07:21

10 lines description:

This is vim 1.27 compiled for MSDOS.
Vim is one of the most capable VI clones available. It
includes the full visual commands set, and has extras such
as multi-level undo, online help, interactive macro
recording, modelines, paragraph-level reformatting, block
marking by character, line or column, saving files in DOS or
unix format, ({[ matching, and many others.
It is stable and fast.
The name "vim" means "vi imitator."


Glauber Ribeiro
practice random kindness and shameless acts of beauty

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