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Bye Bye, LinkSys....BEFN2PS4

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Dec 29, 2001, 4:43:04 PM12/29/01
Well, I waited all week at 250Kbps on my 1.5Mbps system. I got a
message from my 2nd try this morning that they were "working on it"
and wouldn't have an answer for weeks. So, I boxed 'er all up, nice
'n neat, and returned the Net2Phone/Linksys router to Circuit City,
again, for the last time. Pity, the Net2Phone part of it REALLY
worked great! But, I just couldn't STAND watching it balk and wait
and balk and wait when I was downloading from usenet or trying to
watch America One TV, or one of the other broadband TV shows. BBC
World really DOES have lots better war coverage and no commercials,
over and over and over.....I missed it.

I went for broke (saved $50 over the Linksys) and got the Netgear
RP114 router with the basic NAT firewall and DHCP support. I wanted
the bigger model with the improved firewall but they didn't stock it.
So far this thing is HOT!!

The computer was connected directly to the modem and was online while
I was gone to CC. It was configured for my IP (release/renew).
Whenever I put the LinkSys (ver 1.39.x firmware) into the system, I
had to release/renew the computer to get it a LAN IP. This smartass
Netgear DHCP just did it when it came online in default. I was
surprised when I booted up winipcfg and it had already configured the
computer. Nice...

Knology, my cable ISP, uses MAC addresses to identify users, so you
have two choices. Register your MAC with the nice boy on tech
support, or spoof the computer MAC that's already registered. I had
registered the Linksys MAC because when I bought it it didn't support
spoofing MACs until I upgraded it to 1.39 firmware. Not only did the
Netgear support spoofing, but it got the computer's MAC when it
configured it with DHCP! All I had to do from the config webpage was
to click the button to tell it to spoof from the computer MAC it
already knew about. Nice....real nice. You can even configure the
Netgear to get the MAC from any LAN IP computer it knows about.

Once I told it to spoof the computer's MAC, it had already logged
itself onto's DHCP and was rarin' ta go! I booted up IE 6
and ran the speed test the Linksys consistently failed (250Kbps is NOT
broadband) from and the
Netgear got:

Roadrunner Bandwidth Results
Loaded 1349385 bytes in 8.18 seconds.
Your throughput is 1320 kilobits per second.

I couldn't tell any differences testing the speed from Roadrunner over
the internet off their system whether the Netgear was in or out of the
system.....Very nice!

Broadband is BACK!

As with everyone else, you'll hear me bitchin' if it croaks. But, for
now, it's much easier to get working and works GREAT!

Thanks, Netgear! I knew there was a reason why less people here have
Netgear problems than LinkSys. Now I know....(c;



Dec 29, 2001, 7:24:48 PM12/29/01
From using Linksys BEFSR41:

Roadrunner Bandwidth Results
Loaded 1349385 bytes in 7.441 seconds.
Your throughput is 1451 kilobits per second.

I guess all Linksys routers are not created equal!

Cory Watkins

Dec 30, 2001, 2:37:12 PM12/30/01

I fixed the problem by going back one version of firmware. I loaded 1.36p7
firmware found on the ftp site, and bingo, it fixed the speed problem. The
Net2Phone still works too. So I'm up and running. Sorry it didn't work out
for you.


<> wrote in message

Dec 30, 2001, 6:59:43 PM12/30/01
On Sun, 30 Dec 2001 19:37:12 GMT, "Cory Watkins" <>

>I fixed the problem by going back one version of firmware. I loaded 1.36p7
>firmware found on the ftp site, and bingo, it fixed the speed problem. The
>Net2Phone still works too. So I'm up and running. Sorry it didn't work out
>for you.

Send an email to jhardy at linksys dot com and tell Mr Hardy you and
Larry Butler, former customer, had this conversation and what you
found. I'm sure those that don't have a clue would be very interested
in your findings. Call 'em on (800) 326-7114, too!


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