IFITL vs. ASDL protocol tutorial

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Lawrence Baldwin

não lida,
18 de nov. de 1999 03:00:0018/11/1999
ADSL is most certainly a protocol as defined by the G.dmt (ITU 992.1)
protocol specification. The differentiation between ADSL and the other
protocols mentioned is the OSI LAYER at which thjey operate.

ADSL is a physical layer protocol. With ADSL an ISP has a choice
between three different datalink-layer protocols: Bridged (RFC 1483),
PPPoE and PPPoA.

What Robert should have stated is that PPPoE and PPPoA will likely be
replacing RFC1483 as the DATALINK protocol of choice when implementing

On the otherhand, IFITL (Integrated Fiber in the Loop) is NOT a
protocol, it is a technology. It is simply the term used to describe
the process of delivering integrated services (voice, data, and video)
to the customer. The data portion of IFITL uses Ethernet (100BaseF and
10BaseT) as the physical layer protocol and PPPoE as the transport

Assuming both IFITL and ADSL are available to the same house (buy Lotto
today, if this applies to anyone), then this is a case where you could
replace one physical layer protocol with another? Of course IFITL
requires CAT-5 cabling between your home and the pedestal, so it can't
use the same copper loop as ADSL.

Maurice Valmont wrote:
> On Thu, 11 Nov 1999 02:20:14 -0500, "Robert Hubert"
> <rwhu...@bellsouth.net> wrote:
> >Ever heard of IFITL, PPoE, or PPoA? Maybe these protocols will replace DSL
> >as more lines become digital. They work over fiber optic, Ethernet, and ATM,
> >respectively.
> ADSL isn't a protocol, it's a line configuration (for lack of a better
> phrase). It uses PPPoA, which stands for Point-to-Point Protocol over
> ATM. While one may replace PPPoA with, say, PPPoE, no *protocol* can
> replace ADSL.

Lawrence Baldwin
Fast Access Team (ADSL)
Tier-3 Support Engineer

Lawrence Baldwin

não lida,
19 de nov. de 1999 03:00:0019/11/1999
You need a desktop that support PPPoE (PPP over Ethernet)...this driver
is provided by several third parties Ivasion and Network Telesys
(NTS)...for Mac, Linux, and Windows. However, the only platforms that
Bellsouth.net is formally supporting is Windows 95/98/NT.

BTW are you dr_vms as in OpenVMS?:

Perhaps I could interest you in:


Sorry for the shameless plug.

Richard wrote:
> Do would Bellsouth's IFITL service work with a non-Windows machine? Or is
> there some special protocol stack that has to be installed under Windows?
> -Richard

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