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The End of the Affordable Connectivity Program

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Jan 19, 2024, 10:15:28 AMJan 19

We have a program that was launched during Covid called the Affordable
Connectivity Program (ACP). It provides a $30 subsidy to those who
qualify (it has somewhat more generous qualifications than the standard
aid program, but it is still low-income/means tested) for any type of
broadband connection -- mobile or wired (one per household). All major
ISPs and most small ones participate in the program, and have a good
quality broadband package available for those who qualify for the $30
subsidy. This has allowed 18 million people (including lots of homeless
families) to connect to broadband and thus participate in the economic
and educational benefits now that so many things have moved online
(e.g., you can't apply for a lot of basic jobs now without broadband
access, as applications have moved online and they will contact you by
Since this was a Covid program, it ends when it runs out of money --
which is estimated to happen in April. Unless there is a "plus up" in
funding. The Biden Administration has asked for $6 billion to extend the
program for another year.

The author is SVP at Public Knowledge

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