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Nov 1, 2002, 10:42:44 PM11/1/02
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From: Patrick Townson <>
Subject: Time to Ask For Help Once Again
Date: Thu, 31 Oct 2002 13:00:00 CST

We have come to the end of October and the start of November, so it
is my turn to ask once again for financial assistance in the upkeep of
this Digest. If you have not made any financial assistance lately,
I hope you will consider this monthly appeal as a chance to participate
financially as a partner in this reader-written net published e-journal.
Whatever you feel is appropriate will be appreciated. Starting with
this month, (November, 2002), I will be offering a CD of the entire
Telecom Archives *and* your choice of various 'old time radio' shows
with a telephone theme at no charge when you send a gift of at least
$20-25 to the Digest.

In addition to twenty plus years of telecom-related messages from the
Digest and comp.dcom.telecom and the other special files and reports
in the archives you will receive these '' items:

'Sorry, Wrong Number' (three different adaptations including Agnes
Morehead) from Suspense, Lux Radio Theatre, etc.
'Halls of Ivy' the 'Phone Problems' episode
'Family Theatre' the 'Man Who Bought the Phone Company' episode.
'Bell Telephone Hour' the guest on that show was Lily Pons.
'Life of Riley' the 'Telephone is Rationed' episode.

In addition, if you put the CD in a regular CD player such as your
radio, etc instead of the CD drive on your computer, you wil be able
to listen to 'Sorry, Wrong Number' as it aired on the radio.

This is the second, and updated CD of the Telecom Archives, produced
by Joey Lindstrom, with a cast of thousands -- all of you -- in the
Archives files. I think you will like it. With your gift to the Digest
of $20-25 (or more, as you find appropriate) you get it free. If you
choose to remit on line via PayPal, you may use your credit card. Go
to and click where appropriate. Be
sure to include your mailing address for the CD, and Joey also needs
to know if you want the *nix format or the Windows 9x/2000/XP version.
Mention all that in the advice box. If you prefer to use snailmail,
then send your check to TELECOM, Post Office Box 50, Independence, KS
67301-0050. You should get the CD in two or three weeks, but you will
get an email acknowledgement long before that.

Thanks VERY MUCH for your help, as usual. The Telecom Archives remains
a free open resource on the net via ftp

Patrick Townson

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