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Fw: Digital landline switch paused for vulnerable people

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Marco Moock

Jan 2, 2024, 1:28:21 PMJan 2
That is rather interesting.

Here in Germany, analog lines on the exchanges (Alcatel S12/Siemens
EWSD) were phased out years ago and replaced by VoIP.
Most users use VoIP with their routers, but customers with only an
analog line can use a plan called "Call Start" that will terminate VoIP
at the exchange (with a POTS line card) and provide them an analog line.

Many seniors here use emergency devices that work with VoIP.
Even fax is possible when setting it at low speed.

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Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2023 13:15:37 +0000
From: Java Jive <>
Newsgroups: uk.telecom.broadband
Subject: Digital landline switch paused for vulnerable people
Message-ID: uls51p$22t6$

Digital landline switch paused for vulnerable people

"UK phone companies have paused making vulnerable customers switch to
digital landlines following "serious incidents" where telecare devices
stopped working.

Nearly two million people are thought to use such equipment, which can
be used to summon help in an emergency.

Digital landlines can fail in some circumstances, such as a power cut.

Phone providers have signed up to a charter under which people can only
be moved from an analogue to a digital line if there is no impact on

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