Allnet Tries to Hide Adult Services

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North Coast Communications

Aug 14, 1995, 3:00:00 AM8/14/95
Further developments on the Allnet/WKP communications "500" number

On Saturday 8-12-95, test calls placed to 1-500-200-4141, 1-500-739-4141,
and 1-500-938-4141 reached the Allnet test recording (switch 47.8).
Calls to other numbers in this prefix were branded "WKP Long Distance",
an Adult Services Provider.

0+ calls to ANY number in these prefixs were branded "ALLNET" however.
(Even the 1+ "WKP" ones.)

As of 8-13-95, 1+ calls to the "4141" test numbers tell me that I have
reached the "SPR - WORLDCALL NETWORK". 0+ still gets the "ALLNET" jingle.

I will bet that 0+ jingle is removed in the next day or two as Allnet
hastily covers its butt. First they tried to blame AT&T. Are they now
trying to imply SPRINT is to blame? (SPR - Worldcall).
I am looking for ANY information on the following companies;

Beylen Communications
WKP Communications or WKP Long Distance (Seattle WA) pic 10718

International Audiotext Network Inc. (location unknown) pic 10509

Financial reimbursement possible for really helpfull information.

Thank You!

Michael L. Fumich / E-Mail <> / Phone: 708-461-5770

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: It sounds to me like you really hate
those people ... grin ... tell us what they did to you. The readers here
always like juicy stories. PAT]


Aug 16, 1995, 3:00:00 AM8/16/95
North Coast Communications ( wrote:

> I am looking for ANY information on the following companies;
> Beylen Communications
> WKP Communications or WKP Long Distance (Seattle WA) pic 10718
> International Audiotext Network Inc. (location unknown) pic 10509


Here's the info.


I found two spellings of the first one ... I tried B[ae]yl[ae]n for a
search. Here's what I found:

Baylan Communications Inc
Vienna VA

Beylen Inc
New York NY

International Audiotext Network
Seattle WA

This last one isn't exact, but it's a likely culprit!
W K Enterprises Inc
Tacoma WA

<A HREF="">Wicker</A>

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: It would be interesting to see what the
one in Vienna, Virginia is all about. Michael Fumich has an updated
report on the others you mention next. PAT]

Michael Fumich

Aug 17, 1995, 3:00:00 AM8/17/95
The story so far:

On 8-7-95 I was informed by a source at US West that three "500"
prefixes (200, 739, & 938) were now online. 1+ calls to the "4141"
test numbers reported "You have reached the ALLNET network - Switch
47.8". My source further related that random 1+ calls were branded
"WKP Long Distance" (an Adult Services Provider), and that the calls
were being forwarded to Hong Kong @ "Three Ninety Nine" per minute.
(No decimal point - hope it's not $399.00!! :+)

"0+" calls to the "WKP Long Distance" branded numbers provided the
ALLNET jingle. All of this indicated to me the calls were most likely
handled by ALLNET and that they were responsible for these prefixes.

I called ALLNET Corporate Offices about this matter several days later
and was told that ALLNET does not issue "500" numbers, business,
personal, or otherwise. I was also told that it was AT&T that was
transporting all 500 calls and that I should call them (AT&T said
absolutely not!).

ALLNET also stated that it is official company policy not to be
involved with adult service providers, and they did not list WKP or
Beylen in their records.

On 8-13-95 the 1-500-NXX-4141 test numbers began reporting that I have
reached the "SPR - Worldcall Network". 0+ calls still gave the ALLNET
jingle however.

On 8-14-95 I wrote TELECOM Digest requesting from readers information
leading to the unmasking of the persons responsible for this matter.
Several wrote and provided very helpful leads.

Beylen - PIC Code 10718 (per list available at Telecom Archives):

A reader reported a phone number 212-843-4300. I called this number
and it was answered by a young woman who answered "Beylen". I asked
what sort of business this was and I was told "communications". I then
began to question her further and she transferred me to "John".
"John" would not elaborate what type of "communications" business this
was. He also denied any knowledge of PIC 10718. When I asked if he
knew of WKP he said "NO!" and became extremely defensive. As Pat has
stated on other matters, you can tell almost every time when you are
being lied to.

NYNEX reports - Beylen Inc. / 12 E. 53rd NYC / 212-758-3116
This number was directly answered "Good Afternoon" by "John".

WKP Communications aka WKP Long Distance - PIC Code 10718 (per Ameritech):
Integretel reports - WKP Communications, Inc.
1200 5th Ave. / Suite 1206
Seattle WA 98101

I then checked the whois database and they were
actually listed! <WKP.COM> The above address was given, with a phone
number of 206-622-3385. This phone answers "Communications Group". I
did not question further figuring it would be pointless.

The plot thickens!:

When I dial 10718-1-700-555-4141, the equal access test number, I find
that I have reached "The Equal Access Dialing" network. When I dial
10718 +0 + # to reach an operator the call does not complete and gives me
Switch "WCCH2".

The exact same thing happens with 10509, assigned to International
Audiotext Network Inc. , also of Seattle WA. In fact, several PIC's
known to be used by Adult Service Providers gave me the recordings
described above.

The heart of the matter?:

"WCCH2" in fact indicates the call is being handled by WCT, Inc. a
long distance company located in San Luis Obispo CA. I was informed
that "Worldcall" was one of their brands. WCT is owned by Frontier
Communications International as is (surprise!) ALLNET. I probed
further (and higher up) and when I mentioned WKP? BOOM! "Who are YOU!"
"What do you REALLY want?" "No Comment!" etc., etc. etc.

My mother had a saying she was rather fond of ... "Oh what a tangled
web we weave, when we practice to deceive" . This is a very tangled
web indeed!

So ... who assigns the "500" prefixes? Bellcore? FCC?. Who are these
prefixes assigned to? ALLNET? WCT? Frontier? or God Forbid, WKP?
Inquiring minds want to know!!!

(And Thank You! to thse that wrote and called. Please note that the
number in my .sig is Voice Mail Only, I have no way to answer it

Michael L. Fumich / E-Mail: <> / Phone: 708-461-5770

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Well readers, if your PBX is capable of
screening as far the prefix within an area code, you might want to blacklist
500-200, 500-739, and 500-938 to keep those employees of yours who have
idle time on their hands, unclean thoughts in their minds and lust in their
hearts from running up your bill too much. I hate to see people block 1-500
entirely as a result of things like this, but maybe it will come to that
also. And don't forget 900-999. That one is very bizarre and very expensive.

Michael, you mentioned how Allnet tried to hide what they are doing, but
I want you to know they are not unique. If you are ever able to get anyone
at AT&T to own up to the deal they cut with the people in Nevada for those
chat lines or the deal they have with the telco in Bonaire, Netherland
Antilles for hot chat -- for people who like to 'do fone' -- I would be
very surprised. You might want to also look into the Vienna, Virginia
operation alluded to by the other correspondent in this issue and see what
those people are about.

It occurs to me that one very good public service this Digest might
perform would be a complete expose of who runs what in the world of
adult phone services. I think it would be great to put togther a file
which gave the names and home or real business addresses of the slime
involved in these things. Their personal name and address, their
corporate names, their PIC codes, the prefixes they use both in 900
service as well as 500 and 800, etc. We would want to include the
address of their mail drop, identified as such along with how to *really*
reach them when a victimized phone subscriber had something they wanted
to say, etc. Of course we would want to include the names and home
addresses of each officer of their various corporations, the name and
address of the person who accepts their legal service, etc ... all
of which is public information, so please, no bleeding hearts need
take me to task for alleged invasions of privacy.

And I do not grouse about them because they do sex talk on the phone.
My complaint is that they moved out the tidy little box we had for
them known as 900/976 where phone system admins could be protected
against abuse, and began abusing 800 as well. I don't care what anyone
chats about on the phone or their computer as long as they pay their
own bills, and 900/976 along with billed number screening was one way
to assure that was pretty much done. PAT]

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