Hack Nokia 3G modem?

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Jan Brøndum Johansson

Jun 20, 2014, 6:54:21 AM6/20/14
Hi, is there anyone here that know how to hack a Nokia USB internet stick
CS-19 3G modem, so it forgets "vitual cdrom" and network card - so only
modem is left.

I have tried for almost 6 months with all the AT commands I could find on
the net, for similair modems and mobiles, with no result. You can do it on
Huawei, its just Nokia that have to be speciel:(

I need this because, when I attach the Nokia Usb modem to my 3G router, it
is discovered as "Usb disk device DataCard" (virtual Cdrom) and not
modem:( My Huawei works fine, but is a great deal slower that the Nokia.

I pulled this info from device manager:

modem: usbcdcacm\VID_0421&PID_062F&MI_00

WIRELESS AT DEVICE: usbcdcacm\VID_0421&PID_062F&MI_02

network: usbcdcecm\VID_0421&PID_062F&MI_04

cdrom: USB\VID_0421&PID_062F&MI_06\6&249425c0&3&0006

So, I like to dissable anything else than the modem VID_0421&PID_062F&MI_00

So, is there a genius here that can help me with this:)

Med venlig hilsen / with kind regards


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