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HELP: modem/ fax software conflict ... ?

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V. Michils/ F. Goossens

Jun 12, 1995, 3:00:00 AM6/12/95
I am using a 486 DX2 80, with 4MB (yes, i know ...) and a Smart One internal
28.000 fax/modem. Both functions (fax and modem) are equally important for me.
My fax soft is Delrina's Winfax Lite, which I like very much. As I use my modem
for connecting to my server, I use Trumpet ...

And now for the problem -which you folks may have read about and answered in
this newsgroup for a 100 times, sorry for that-. When I started Winfax, it is
very difficult to close that programm afterwards (I enabled automatic receive,
which I need when I am not at home). When i finally have closed down Winfax, and
start Trumpet, Trumpet seems to be working with specifications of Winfax (e.g. I
will hear the modem when I told Winfax to have sound untill connected, and I do
not see what the phonenumber I type in Trumpet). In Trumpet, I have big problems
establishing a connection with my server (modems are communicating, but
something seems to go wrong, my modem ends up sending a very high tone, Trumpet
responds after approx. 1 min. _no carrier_). Sometimes I have to retry 2 or 3
times before the connection is made. At other times, under the same
circumstances, there seems not to be a problem at all. But connected immediately
or only after 2 or 3 times, Netscape 1.1 performs very, very slow !

I got WFXdisable from the net, a shareware programm that claims to solve faxsoft
and modemsoft conflicts, but I still had the very same problems ...

A friend of mine, who uses the same modem-software, has not got these
connection-problems. He claims it is the fax-software that is causing the
troubles. What do you, readers of comp.dcom.modems think ?

Thanks, and if i'm bugging you with newbie questions, sorry folks ...
Frank Goossens
Ghent, Belgium, Europe

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