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Looking for Ethernet Blade Switch With Isolated Segments

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Dec 8, 2015, 6:39:23 PM12/8/15
I am looking for a 4U switch that can insert about six ports on blades,
similar to this idea:

The key requirement though is that each inserted card act as an independent
ethernet switch. I don't want to hassle with defining VLANs that isolate
ports on each blade.

My application is a firewall, with many segments. Currently we stack a lot
of 1U and 2U ethernet switches, and the real estate for all of those
switches is expensive in terms of rack space. A 4U box with eight
insertable blades would give me eight ethernet segments to play with in an
extremely condensed space. Does anyone make this?

Alternately, I could look for rackmountable ethernet switches that are about
1/2 U, if those exist.



Dec 9, 2015, 12:27:23 AM12/9/15
"nish" <> wrote in message
Looks like a good solution might be 5 to 8 port industrial ethernet switches
that mount on a DIN rail. That gives you the entire depth of a server
cabinet to mount 4U high switches, side by side.

I also noticed that most of these are DC powered devices, and the DC powered
ethernet switches appear to use about 4 watts of energy versus closer to 40
watts for equivalent AC powered products.


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