Talk and fax simultaneously, same line, what happens?

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Will Fisher

May 20, 2004, 11:08:32 PM5/20/04
Here's an interesting question. What would happen if I talked and sent
a fax on the same line at the same time? Would the waves of my voice
interfere with the analog waves of the fax transmission? What would
the fax look like, I think that's the most interesting question.



May 30, 2004, 10:10:29 PM5/30/04

Will Fisher a écrit:

I did something similar with a Minitel which is a french videotex dumb
terminal using parity control for error detection. It's a kind of BBS,
to see what the terminal looks like you can browse to , and for the
use or the english version (Viewdata) at worth a look). On earlier models you have to hang up
the phone, dial the access number, then press the connection key on the
Minitel, and when you're connected, hang up the phone. Once, during the
connexion I heard modem noise on the phone that I didn't hang up
(normally once connected you don't hear anything), and then I had a
brilliant idea : I began to speak, whistle, hit DTMF keys etc. : While I
was making noise many characters were displayed on the screen, of course
in a hellish mess. After hanging up and pressing the repeat key to
reload the page everything worked fine.

With a fax, if there's noise on the phone line, transmission speed will
drop. If there's really too much noise, I guess connexion will be lost,
and you should get corresponding error message.

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