Paper Fax replacement/Paperless system for SOHO

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Jun 11, 2004, 11:42:17 AM6/11/04
Can anyone steer me in the direction of how to replace our office fax
machines with some form of electronic equivalent (efax)? I'm open to
all suggestions because I'm just a beginner at office automation.

We need to be able to cut and past text from the fax into our order
system and also mark up the fax and forward to the next lucky person.

If I understand (and I don't), the cut and pasting from an efax means
converting the image via OCR to a seperate word-processing file. Is
that a seperate step or can it be integrated seamlessly into the above
process. I assume that data-cleanup is required, regardless of the
original document quality.

The marking up of the fax image requires some kind of image editting
functionality. Again, is that a seperate piece of software or is it

An audit trail would be nice so we can see who has handled the efax
and marked it up.

The total solution needs be flexible, easy to use, automatable, and
inexpensive. We're a small with a number of offices, and my users will
choke if I try to give them anything complex or that increases their

We use Outlook so we'd like to have that as the email client that
works with the above solution.


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