Fax Line Manager 203

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Sep 14, 2016, 4:49:44 PM9/14/16
We are desperate to fine a set-up guide/user manual for the Fax Line Manager 203 by Technology Concepts. I've looked all over the internet and can't find the company at all.

Does anyone have any ideas? Contact info for them? A spare manual?????

Thank you!



Oct 26, 2016, 11:01:36 PM10/26/16
I would be interested in finding one myself.

I have the box, plugged up, just wasting away over here.

All I can remember is that FAX picks up after X number of rings automatically if no answering machine is plugged in.

If you put an answering machine on the answering machine plug, when the machine picks up, you can dial 33 to switch the call to the FAX port, or you can dial 44 to switch to the MODEM port (I think that's factory defaults??).

Beyond that, I can't remember... I've slept since then... I want to say a 99 or 999, ** or ## switches the box to programming mode when you have a handset connected to the PHONE port -- all the red lights start blinking when in program mode, but I've failed in actually finding the book on it.

I do remember that any port can answer a call, however the FLM203 isn't so gracious in allowing the caller to press touchtones to pass the call to the other port. Maybe that was in the factory programming like that. I also seem to remember that the box doesn't pass touchtone DTMF to the phone company when it goes into programming mode, so that you're not dialing crazy numbers when trying to program the thing. I can't recall much more than that.

When the 33 or 44 is pressed by the caller during the answering machine greeting or 'after the beep', the box switches the answering machine port off and passes on the caller to the appropriate extension... while doing this, the box generates its own type of ringback tone to the caller while ringing the FAX or MODEM extension. Whatever is on the extension, whether it's a fax, modem, cordless phone, lightbulb, etc., rings until the extension is picked up. If no answer, it eventually times out I believe.

Maybe some of this was useful. I do not claim to be an expert with this box, but my fuzzy knowledge of it from being a user of the device is all I have to go on until the blue and white book actually turns up. Don't nobody quote me on any of this -- it's the best that I can think of.

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