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HP under Apotheker : National Security Threat and Organized Fraud : new CEO today !

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Aug 30, 2011, 1:32:15 PM8/30/11
Dear President,Vice-President , US Congress , A.G. Holder and
Secretary Panetta :

The 3 cases of :

a ) HP's CEO Apotheker selling its huge PC unit and buying Autonomy ,a
Military-Intelligence software contractor for too much money and based
overseas just to feed the investment bankers and advisers involved in
the deals ,
b ) the S.E.C. top officers destroying illegally thousands of files of
Investigations on SAC, Bernard Madoff, Goldman Sachs,etc.,
c ) the latest facts in the Rupert Murdoch News Corp. hacking
investigation ( blocked out by the Media ) have a lot in common and
show a very well organized group and in my opinion with very clear
criminal intent, right now the sale of HP's PC unit is perhaps the
most critical, since what Apotheker ( a member of the same extreme
political organization-party as Rupert Murdoch and Mary Shapiro of the
SEC ) is trying to do is basically move HP's Patents and Intellectual
Property out of the USA and overseas to England - Bermuda -TelAviv and
other locations out of the USA jurisdiction and so be able to do its "
Military-Intelligence Search-Engine " work ( that's what Autonomy
software does ) from overseas and without supervision, to the
highest bidder, and why would the USA Pentagon and USA Intelligence
Agencies that pay for these services go for such nonsense ? and why
would the USA Taxpayers, after spending many billions of dollars in HP
in Federal contracts , R&D support , government technical aid and tax
credits, etc. , go for it ? why ?

PATENTS AND IP, his strategy is designed to crash the value of HP
stock so that the Hedge -Funds, Private Equity Partners and Money
Managers of his " circle " can get it very cheap, in my opinion this
is fraudulent intent.

That the CEO of HP is buying a software company in England,
Autonomy, for 11 billion dollars ( HP cash position is only 12
billion right now ) while considering selling its PC group in the USA
and that provides 29 billion dollars a year in revenues is a huge
National Security threat and mistake and a very fraudulent operation:
It will mean also that the USA will lose one of the last 3
PC manufacturers in the USA , with the loss of many vital PC jobs in
the USA, another disaster.

Also we must remember that " gold speculator and shorter " J.
Paulson is invested-in ( at least one billion dollars ) and that 8-10
Hedge Funds and Private Equity Partnerships from his " organized group
" are pushing Apotheker to make special deals for quick profits and
then load HP with huge debts ....special deals with a company that is
vital to America and to many USA Military and Intelligence units ?
why ?

And why would all these " patriotic men and woman " in D.C. in
charge like to get abused so much by these speculators , shorters and
Hedge-Funds ? why ?

what a criminal shame !

The USA Media is very clear : this is also a very bad deal for
investors , for jobs and for the computer industry in the USA:

Hewlett-Packard stock falls 20 percent after changes announced

H-P's CEO Sets Expensive Legacy With Autonomy Deal

For Seamless Transitions, Don’t Look to Hewlett

Market Boos for Hewlett Transformation

Another set of issues is also vital for you to study : 1 ) these
neocons above and others are pushing ,among others, Jon Corzine to a
Washington D.C. official job : this Corzine , ex co-chief of Goldman
Sachs , who officially resigned from its post , was caught by some
G.S. executives and employees doing trades with Private Partnerships
and LLC , etc., in the Caribbean and Southeast Asia and other points
and using GoldmanSachs as a source , as a cover and for other tricks,
like pushing money around from one deal to the other and investing
ahead of the firm , in essence money laundering and tax free investing
on a huge scale, and so he left with 370 million dollars from this
"work " , and the question is : did he file tax returns for all these
assets, money transfers and "private" investments ? ever ? did he
pay any taxes on them ? does anybody in D.C. cares ?

2 ) As so many are saying, when are the USA Taxpayers and Consumers
going to be able to fully Audit the Federal Reserve ? from the Volcker
period through the Greenspan and Bernanke period ? if they did not
pass any " rates-bonds-financials-sales-purchases-etc." information to
anyone right before going public, why the fear ? what do they try to
hide ? why not open all the books and compare Fed moves with certain
bank's actions around the world and SPECIALLY IN THE MIDDLE EAST ?

3 ) and that brings us to high-speed trading : when are we going to
get the truth about who does what , when and with whom ?

many honest traders are asking for the "uptick rule" again,
controlling the "short sale" and the "naked short sale", and to stop
the madness and the chaos on the markets where only some speculators
and tricksters profit.

So, dear team, right now HP being dismantle and shipped-out is the
urgent problem , thousands of great jobs and families are going to get
hit badly and the country is going to lose vital manufacturing , just
so that Apotheker , Rubenstein and their "neocon partners" can get
this great Company, Patents and Contracts out of the USA to off-shore
tax-free shelters and with their Hedge-Funds , and so control key
Military-Intelligence-Security contracts and sensitive data-voice-
video from remote , and why would Washington D.C. - the so-called "
super patriots " - put up with this organized abuse and criminal
fraud ? why ?

and this is "just deals" for the fees:
N.Y.Times : " In Latest Deals, Big Roles for Boutique Investment

America needs security, local solutions and jobs , HP needs new
leadership right now.

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