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Keith Tizzard

Aug 16, 2021, 8:59:52 AMAug 16
Many staff at one of my clients use two computer screens.

I have been asked if is possible for them to slide a Form from one screen to another so that they can see them effectively side by side.

I set up each front end (each user has their own copy) with Tabbed windows. I was wondering whether using Overlapping windows would help in this; I am not that is will.

I have been asked by the client whether it is possible to open two copies of the one front end. I can't see a way of doing this.

Does anyone have a solution to having two different Forms being displayed on two different screens?

Ron Weiner

Aug 16, 2021, 9:26:44 AMAug 16
Keith Tizzard wrote :
There is no constraint that I am aware of for opening multiple copies
of the same Access Front End at the same time on a single machine.

If the Access app is maximized across both screens there is no problem
having seperate forms on each screen. When a form is designed as a
normal Access form (not a PopUp form) it is constrained to the parent
Access app window. If you make the form a PopUp type, then it is free
to be moved outside of the Access app window, and can be placed
anywhere on the desktop.

I seem to remember that there was a way to have multiple copies of the
same form in an application, but I have forgotten the details. I also
think that there were some gotcha's with the technique. Google is your
friend here.


Keith Tizzard

Aug 16, 2021, 10:05:38 AMAug 16
Thanks Ron. I have found out how to do it.

I should have Googled first before asking the question !!
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