Field not visible in dropdown list for when typing Me (dot) in VBA

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Prakash Wadhwani

Jul 17, 2021, 5:55:51 PMJul 17
Hello All ... Greetings! Hope you all are keeping well.

I'm returning to Access after an almost 15 year hiatus having switched to a Musical career as a DJ... but now since the entertainment business is at a standstill I'm forced to fall back to older (forgotten) skills. Kindly bear with me.

I'm using Access 2003. Building on a very old software of mine with an old client, so have to stick to 2003.

I have a table "Inv_Table" that's bound to a form named "Invoicing".

In the "Activate" subroutine of the form I have the following code ...
Me.txt_Bank = Me.Bank
Me.txt_Branch = Me.Bank_Branch
Me.txt_Account_No = Me.Account_No
'Me.txt_Lease_No = Me.le

On the last line Me.Lease_No is the name of my field and should be visible in the dropdown when I type Me (dot). Somehow it's not visible. I tried changing the field name to Lease_Num in the table just to check if it becomes visible in the form but to no avail.

I had a similar problem a few days back with the field name "Bank_Branch" above. I had used just "Branch" as the original name but it didn't drop down. Somehow when I changed the name to "Bank_Branch" it suddenly became visible. It's mystifying as none of these are reserved words.

I'd appreciate some help.
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