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Rich Ford

Jan 18, 2022, 11:46:24 AMJan 18
I've been looking at using clonedb to do a refresh of some dev databases from production. I've only used unloaddb before but checking out clonedb.
One issue that concerns me is the fact that users can't be online which is a major drawback.

Has anyone had success using clonedb?


Paul White

Jan 18, 2022, 7:06:10 PMJan 18
to info-ingres, Rich Ford
Hi Rich,

At my large sites, I use "log shipping" to replicate production
databases to a DR standby machine then use copydb/unloaddb  from that
location when I need.  One of the benefits of this arrangement is to be
able to rollforward the DR database to a point in time for analysis and
to assist reproducing transient problems.

clonedb and relocatedb cannot be used when users are connected.
clonedb/relocatedb can be used on a replicated database after the final
incremental journal is applied with:

rollforwarddb -c +j -incremental -rollback dbname
rollforwarddb -c +j -incremental_finish -rollback dbname

For more info see:

I can confirm log shipping replication works very well for non x100
databases on both Windows and Unix/Linux.  Sorry I don't have any
experience replicating x100.

Paul White

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