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A Dr. Cabbie Full Movie Download

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Vasiliki Corvin

Dec 7, 2023, 1:56:45 AM12/7/23
I appreciated some of what the movie was doing... mostly, the basic premise that there are immigrants with advanced degrees who can't find jobs and are forced to become cabbies. But there is just so much cringe.

Dr. Cabbie's entire family was a caricature of an eccentric Indian mother and an eccentric Indian uncle. And the uncle's wife, whew; at least that was a little bit funny. The supporting characters like the new best friend Tony, the landlord, the landlord's daughter, etc. Are also all caricatures.

And somehow movies about South Asian immigrants always involve them falling in love with a white blonde woman. This movie is no different. At least Adrienne Palicki did a great job and she had some interesting things going on. There is a reason she's the only actor I am mentioning by name in this entire review.

The movie is pretty diverse and includes characters from diverse backgrounds, but it also seriously leans into negative stereotypes about these groups, which was SO CRINGE. And finally, it tries to make a heartfelt plea about how Dr. Cabbie is selfless and transcends race and religion and boundaries to treat patients; it made it seem like he emigrated to Canada out of the goodness of his heart, except no, he did that to seek opportunity for himself. If he truly cared about helping the needy, he was more needed in India than in Canada. So, don't give us that BS, movie.

A Dr. Cabbie Full Movie Download
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Laugh out loud and enjoy this well rounded comedy encompassing lands from India and Toronto Canada. Well don't worry about any pain watching Dr. Cabbie as there are a few intermittent good laughs to keep you entertained throughout. Vinay Virmani plays Dr. Deepak Veer Chopra who recently graduated from a university in his India homeland and he decides to pack up his suitcase and his lovingly proud momma and fly half way around the world to Toronto Canada to commence practicing in his chosen field as a sworn in doctor. What Dr. Chopra forgot to do before getting on that plane headed to Toronto was confirm that his doctors' degree from India held the same credibility in Toronto Canada as it did in his homeland. Dr. Chopra after realizing that he will not be able to legally practice medicine in Toronto takes a job at his uncle's Indian restaurant as a waiter and after a half day of slapstick comedy of dropping plates of food in his customers laps or down women's tops his uncle has no recourse but to dismiss his nephew.

After feeling grossly dejected that he cannot hold down a doctor's office nor a low paying waiters job, as he solemnly walks the city streets of downtown Toronto he meets a friendly cabbie who shares his Indian heritage who convinces him to ride cab for a living. This friendly cabbie named Tony is played smartly (and predictably) by Raj, star of the Big Bang Theory, Kunal Nayyar. So these two cabbies live life somewhat differently. Tony is happy as a cabbie and knows this is his calling. Dr. Chopra on the other hand still wants to play doctor in his cab (predictably as the movie title describes). So the plot is very weak, Dr. Chopra eventually is charged by the Toronto police for illegally dispensing drugs without a Canadian doctors license and one of his first patients in his cab ends up being his lawyer defending him, and eventually becomes the love of his life. Well wouldn't you know it? It is a happy ending for Dr. Chopra and his new Canadian bride.

Although this is very light movie fare (and not cab fare) the city of Toronto is a great back drop for this comedy and the two lead actors, Vinay Virmani and Kunal Nayyar (best known as Raj on The Big Bang Theory) provide us with some good laughs and light entertainment for 101 minutes. It is worth a watch for a pleasing and innovative story line, as well for depicting the City of Toronto's beautiful city skyline. I give it a well deserved belly laugh 9 out of 10 score.

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