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CPAIOR registration opened (early reg by **April 27**)

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Bistra Dilkina, Univ of Southern California

Apr 20, 2018, 3:16:30 PM4/20/18


The Fifteen International Conference on Integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Operations Research (OR) techniques in Constraint Programming (CPAIOR 2018) invites participants to register for the conference.

- Conference Location: Delft, The Netherlands
- Conference Dates: June 26 - June 29, 2018
- Conference Website:
- Conference Series:
- Contact:

It is also possible to register on-site (at an increased fee)

Registering for CPAIOR is done via the joint CPAIOR/ICAPS registration website at Eventsmart:

Main conference is on June 27-29. The conference program also includes:
* A master class on “Data Science meets Combinatorial Optimization” on Tuesday, June 26, see
* ICAPS workshops and tutorials on Tuesday, June 26, see


For the 4-day event (conference including Masterclass):

Early (until April 27, 2018): 480€ (regular), 320€ (students)
Late (until May 25, 2018): 560€ (regular), 400€ (students)
On-site (after May 25, 2018): 640€ (regular), 480€ (students)

Including also the extra Monday with ICAPS workshops and tutorials:

Early (until April 27, 2018): 600€ (regular), 400€ (students)
Late (until May 25, 2018): 700€ (regular), 500€ (students)
On-site (after May 25, 2018): 800€ (regular), 600€ (students)

Only the Masterclass:

Early (until April 27, 2018): 120€ (regular), 80€ (students)
Late (until May 25, 2018): 140€ (regular), 100€ (students)
On-site (after May 25, 2018): 160€ (regular), 120€ (students)


The aim of the conference CPAIOR is to bring together interested researchers from Constraint Programming (CP), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Operations Research (OR) to present new techniques or applications, and to provide an opportunity for researchers in one area to learn about techniques in the others. A main objective of this conference series is also to give these researchers the opportunity to show how the integration of techniques from different fields can lead to interesting results on large and complex problems. Therefore papers that actively combine, integrate, or contrast approaches from more than one of the areas are especially solicited. High quality papers from a single area are also welcome, provided that they are of interest to other communities involved. Application papers showcasing CP/AI/OR techniques on novel and challenging applications or experience reports on such applications are strongly encouraged.


The detailed program and schedule will be available at:

June 26: Master class "Data Science meets Combinatorial Optimization"
- David Bergman: Introduction to the Master Class
- Siegfried Nijssen: Introduction to Machine Learning and Data Mining
- Tias Guns: Data Mining using Constraint Programming
- Kate Smith-Miles: Instance Spaces for Objective Assessment of Algorithms and Benchmark Test Suites
- Bistra Dilkina: Machine Learning for Branch and Bound
- Elias Khalil: Learning Combinatorial Optimization Algorithms over Graphs
- Barry O'Sullivan: Recent Applications of Data Science in Optimization and Constraint Programming

June 27 -- June 29: Technical program
- Presentations of the 47 accepted papers and 9 Extended Abstracts
- Plenary talks by:
- Michela Milano (University of Bologna)
- Thorsten Koch (Zuse Institute Berlin)
- Paul Shaw (IBM)

More details are available on the conference web site


- Conference chairs:
Willem-Jan van Hoeve (Carnegie Mellon University)
Mathijs de Weerdt (TU Delft)
- Program Chair:
Willem-Jan van Hoeve (Carnegie Mellon University) (email)
- Master Class Chair:
David Bergman (University of Connecticut)
- Publication Chair:
Bistra Dilkina (University of Southern California)
- Sponsorship Chair:
Joris Kinable (Eindhoven University of Technology)
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