deployable door.

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Sep 3, 2017, 9:12:15 AM9/3/17
Hey guys,
I was interested on deployable systems and this time I was trying to make deployable door. The door design have two approaches
1 ) zigzag pattern muira-ori origami approach
2) hand fan type single motor two sided folding approach.
However, the fan type design is going to be derived with single motor for the motion half part of the panels move up while the rest parts move down. I wonder if you could help me on how to use single motor to get two parts derived.
I was trying to attach the sketches but I am not sure if google group can attach media files. Thank you


Dec 11, 2017, 10:18:06 PM12/11/17
replying to hassity, Iggy wrote:
So, no Star Trek double door? A single motor is fine, but for most any
multiple part or action door you'll need to setup a cable/rope and guide
pulley system for a prototype. The cable can then wind and unwind from around
the drive pulley for retraction and deployment. Easiest for the fan is, to
build-in some slight downfall angle so weights can deploy the door as the
motor unwinds. The origami panel could use more of a clothes-line arrangement.
Trying to arrive at a rather simplistic but dependable operation. I think
you'd be best served by a reversible motor that's activated twice by 2 motion
sensors. The motion sensor I have in mind is actually an outdoor floodlight,
as these not only turn on by the sensor but also have an adjustable turn-off.
Having a 2nd floodlight sensor on the other side of the door would turn-on the
motor's reverse and then turn-off. This should allow the door to open and
close regardless of activation side.

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