Problem with CBD file of TSMC in Cadence

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Kr. Sheelvardhan Banty

Oct 15, 2020, 2:08:48 AM10/15/20
Hello Everyone
I am trying to learn Virtuoso IC6.17 as I have Scl_Pdk file from TSMC and I have added its path in cds.lib by using DEFINE command but when I try to run Virtuoso then I get this warning:-

It appears that you are trying to run an OA executable on CDB data. Library 'ts018_scl_prim' contains file '/home/work/project/PDK/design_kit/pdklib/cadence/4M1L/ts018_compana_4M1L/rev0.0/ref_libs/ts018_scl_prim/prop.xx' which is CDB data. If this is an OA library, this file needs to be removed. If this is a CDB library, use cdb2oa to convert your data from CDB to OA and then try again.

I have converted this CBD file to OA file using the Conversion Tab given under tool Tab of Virtuoso and as out I got a run_cdb2oa.csh file but I don't know how to use this file.
Because of this I can't able to use my pdk file in my Library Manager of Virtuoso so I can't design any schematic till then. Please help ASAP.
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