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[minix] *** New Minix Anon Ftp Site -

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Warren Toomey

May 15, 1991, 12:28:57 AM5/15/91
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Original-posting-by: (Warren Toomey)
Original-subject: *** New Minix Anon Ftp Site -
Reposted-by: (Edward Vielmetti, MSEN)

I've finally got an Ethernet board so I can devote my old PC as a Minix
anonymous ftp archive. It's called,
address It has nearly EVERY large posting in comp.os.minix
since 1.5. If you can't find it on minnie, it wasn't posted in comp.os.minix!

I expect the usual teething troubles. I'm also taking bets on how long
the 2nd hand hard drive will last. If you want to see some other things
added to the archive, mail me.

Here's the readme...

Welcome to the minnie Minix archive. It contains all the large postings in
comp.os.minix since the release of Minix 1.5.

To make it easier for me to maintain this archive, all files are available
as they were originally posted in comp.os.minix - for multi-part programs
you will have to ftp all the parts.

The first thing you should do is get the `hundred' file in the top directory
which lists all the files in the archive. Then cd into the appropriate
directory to get the files you want. N.B *** For reasons explained below,
this archive is slow. You may want to get the hundred file from in pub/minix, which will probably be quicker.

The archive directories are broken into `posting number' groups. For example,
the directory 12500 holds the large postings which had posting numbers 12500
to 12999.

You may find the archive slow. That's due to several reasons. Firstly, the
archive is in Australia. Secondly, it's running on a 10MHz IBM XT running
KA9Q, and using a 3c501 card to connect it to the local Ethernet. Thirdly,
the hard disk is a very old 10Meg Miniscribe. Your patience is appreciated.
You can speed things up tremendously by ftp-ing binary-wise, but you will
have to strip off all the ^M characters at your end.

The archive may be unavailable during local working hours, 2300 GMT to 0700
GMT. If you can't get through, try again outside these hours.

Comments etc. can be mailed to - mail won't be
accepted by

Warren Toomey

Warren Toomey VK1XWT, slow kermiting.
Deep in the bowels of ADFA Comp Science.
`The key that I thought opened the door doesn't'

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