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Jul 2, 1990, 3:40:03 PM7/2/90
Archive-name: tinymuck/02-Jul-90
Original-posting-by: re...@grunt.berkeley.edu (ChupChup)
Original-subject: TinyMUCK 2.1 Release
Archive-site: belch.berkeley.edu []
Archive-directory: /pub
Reposted-by: e...@math.lsa.umich.edu (Edward Vielmetti)

TinyMUCK 2.1 is now available for anonymous ftp on belch.berkeley.edu.
It is in the pub/ directory, login anonymous, password <your mail address>
set binary transfer mode, change directory to pub and get TinyMUCK2.1.tar.Z

This is the long-awaited upgrade from TinyMUCK 2.0.2, including tons of
bug-fixes as well as these new features:

- New commands: @boot, @edit, @list, @recycle (with -DRECYCLE), @pcreate
- @recycle implements true recycling of objects, rooms, exits, and programs.
No database numbers are changed.
- Extended WHO list for Wizards. Shows players' numbers, flags, times,
IP address, and game location.
- Exits may be set DARK by Wizards, to suppress the standard `has arrived.'
and `has left.' messages. This should cut down on noise in areas with
osucc'ed exits.
- Major makeover of interp.c
- Changes in MUF:
- Command line arguments from ru...@uokmax.ecn.uoknor.edu. Many changes
for the exit/action matching algorithm, enabling replacement of system
commands as well.
- TRIGGER variable.
- COPYOBJ is back, as a compiler option.
- RMATCH primitive.
- OWNER primitive.
- Six flag-reading primitives, JUMPP, CHOWNP, LINKP, DARKP, TEMPLEP, and
STICKYP. See MUF.manual (formerly forth.ref) for complete details.

In the version of MUF used by Muck 2.1, two MUF program words were changed
which will make many old MUF programs incompatible. While this is somewhat
inconvenient, the changes save a lot of code space and CPU time, and also
make the language easier to understand since there is less swapping.
We felt that it would be better to make this change now, while there aren't
too many MUF programs out there, than to live with MUF being much less
efficient than it easily could be.

Those changes were:

The order of arguments to the "!" word have been reversed.
The order of arguments to "explode" have been reversed.

The MUF documentation has been updated to reflect the changes.

Well that about covers it, and I can't wait to get MUCK 2.2 out :-)

-- ChupChup

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