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[comp.lang.lisp] CM5 *Lisp tutorial on arp

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Zdzislaw Meglicki

Jan 26, 1994, 9:46:18 AM1/26/94
Archive-Name: auto/comp.lang.lisp/CM5-Lisp-tutorial-on-arp

You will find the "CM5 *Lisp tutorial" in ftp-anonymous area on [] in /ARP/papers/starlisp.

The tutorial is in Andrew "ez" format and it can be printed either
with "ez" itself or with "ezprint".

The tutorial is similar to "Getting Started in *Lisp", but since it was
aimed at students who didn't even have an earlier exposure to Lisp it
introduces some basic Common Lisp concepts first, and then, as soon as
possible,it plunges into the Connection Machine stuff. The tutorial
is very interactive and it was used during a brief 2 day *Lisp programming
course given to the vacation scholars at the Australian National
University a few days ago.

*Lisp examples used in the tutorial are a simple Laplace solver combined
with *Graphics, and a somewhat more complicated Particle in Cell code.
The latter is based on using segmented scans and the router rather than
on NEWS operations.

I have the impression that the students enjoyed the course,
which should have provided them with some insight into how the Connection
Machine operates. The interactive nature of the *Lisp programming environment
is very helpful in making students familiar with the specifics of
SIMD programming.

Zdzislaw Meglicki,,
Automated Reasoning Program - CISR, and Plasma Theory Group - RSPhysSE,
The Australian National University, Canberra, A.C.T., 0200,
Australia, fax: +61-6-249-0747, tel: +61-6-249-0158

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