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Feb 5, 2011, 9:39:46 PM2/5/11
Superiorfakedegrees Phony Site, Scam Web Site, Phony, Phony
Owner/Operator or who's reall taking your money Jared Nolan & Denise


Fake Names Used to Respond to Customers:

Brian Quinn – Phony Name
Brad Nolan – Phony Name
Jared Nolan – Him Self/Owner
Denise Nolan/His Wife
Conor Nolan/His Son
Has a Daughter Also?

This is just one example of a great online scam whereas the site
claims to be some business operating for 10 years which is one big
lie. The owner/Scammer Jared Nolan is not knew at scamming people on
the web. You see Jared Nolan use to own/operate another scam site
www.askthetrainer.org also know as skyhighprinting. Well Jared closed
the site after scamming so many people and of course so many online
complaints he had to create a new site and scam to continue with
www.superiorfakedegrees.com. He promises the world with highly
detailed emails using phony names like Brian to convince spoobs to
send money via western union (and you get nothing in return). Truth is
he has nothing, creates nothing just creates a web site and scams
hundreds until the site is burned out due to online complaints.

Jared Nolans new trick is to create phony and fake blogs with the
title Uncovering The Truth Behind Superiorfakedegrees complaints. This
is a not new tactic used by scammers to throw the heat on someone or
some other to as we know scam more people and keep the web site
superiorfakedegrees alive and scamming.

Jared Nolan the REAL owner and operations behind superiorfakedegrees
of Canada is looking for the next stupid person that somehow believes
that he really has a product?????? NOPE YOU GET NOTHING.

Now Jared Nolan the true real owner on superiorfakedegree not a brian
(his phony name) is using his son a Conor Nolan to accept FREE money
or the payment stupid uneducated people send.

He owns www.fakediploma-review.com

The site www.fakediploma-review.com is owned and operated by
superiorfakedegrees or the owner Jared Nolan of Canada. Hook line and
scam sinker is to rank superiorfakedegrees.com (has now stop
complaits) first to fool people into buying from
superiorfakedegrees.com. Jared Nolan/Canada the true owner of
www.fakediploma-review.com operates this phony fake review site not
only to bolster sales sending the dumb uneducated will believe
anything person to his site superiorfakedegree.com.

For a scam it's pretty good running a phony review site as Jared knows
first hand how to scam.

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