pctime10.zip - GCC/MSC srcs for millisecond resolution timing

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Chih-Hao Tsai

Nov 17, 1994, 7:57:23 PM11/17/94
I have uploaded to SimTel, the Coast to Coast Software Repository (tm),
(available by anonymous ftp from the primary mirror site OAK.Oakland.Edu
and its mirrors):

pctime10.zip GCC/MSC srcs for millisecond resolution timing

PCTIMER is a high-resolution timing routine in the form of C functions.
You can compile and link PCTIMER to your programs in which millisecond
(or even higher) accuracy timing is required. PCTIMER is designed to
provide a timing routine with millisecond resolution. You can also modify
it to get higher resolutions. PCTIMER sets new parameters to the 8254 IC
to get high frequencies of SYSTEM TIMER Interrupt (INT8). To maintain the
PC's stability, PCTIMER intercepts the INT8, only calls the original INT8
at the frequency of 18.2 times per second. Consequently, high-resolution
timing and system stability are simultaneously achieved. If millisecond
precision in unnecessary to you, you can also set PCTIMER to do
centisecond timing. All functions are written in C codes. There are
no assembly codes at all.

Requirements: IBM-AT compatible PC. The GCC version requires 32-bit PCs
because GCC is a 32-bit compiler.

FreeWare. Uploaded by the author.

Chih-Hao Tsai

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