Space Conquest Plan: Alternative for Humanity and Elites

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Skybuck Flying

Jun 25, 2022, 8:21:16 PMJun 25
Space Conquest Plan: Alternative for Humanity and Elites

version 0.01 created on 25 june 2022 by Skybuck Flying

What do the elites want:

1. Eternal Life


1. Earth is too small.

2. Moore's law will run out soon.

3. Medical/biological invention for eternal life, obviously planet earth is going to be over populated.

4. If this biological invention does not come, then they will seek this life in super computers/data
centers and upload/download their brains into these super computers.

5. They need land to build these data centers. Valuable land that might be required for food/housing
for the continueing population growth.

6. Artificial intelligence/sentient creatures/secondary lifeform is emerging. This will result
in a fight for "cyberspace" and "computer space". The future battlefield will be about computational
resources/horse power to house digital brains into.


1. Their solution is to kill off humans, buy up land, turn earth into a big borg sphere, gigant

computer. Kill off all biological life, or maybe try and merge biolife with computers. Mess with/fuck

with biological genes. Personally I think this is way too dangerous, too complex, ill-understood.
I think we should value life/biological genes. The human body is still far superior to digital

computers. The human body can fix/health itself. While computers break down and wear out.

2. Go into space, where there is a lot of room, and there are a lot of resources. Humanities faith lies

in space. We are already in space ofcourse. Basically our sun and earth is a spaceship. We could try and

stear and such... but we may also need to expand... need more resources.

The solution for "our" problem may have been giving to use by aliens.

I think the best solution is:

1. Keep earth a biological planet.

2. Seperate the elites that want to life for ever into spaceships and send them off into space.

There is this guy "Bob Lazar" his real name is "Robert Scott Lazar" he claims that USA goverment/area 51
area S-4 contains an ALIEN SPACESHIP.... and anti-gravity technology. There lies the solution to send
the elites off into space.

Part of the solution is to release this alien technology onto the rest of the planet for studieing it...
so that humans can send equipment into space more cheaply and easier.

Now in the case Bob Lazar is delusional or it's a fantasty there may still be another part of the

solution possible.

The electrical space elevator... constructed with nano materials to keep it light weight.

So basically "concuering" space will be required to meet the wall of "Moore's Law" coming to an end.

Moore's Law will not yet come to an end... There will be computers based on light, there will
also be some quantum computers or some acceleratos based on it. But it will never ever ever ever be
enough most likely. The demand for computational resources is basically infinite.

I am 100% convinced about that... it makes it more easy to compute inefficient or brute force algorithms
and such and big neuron brains.

Short version of solution:

Step 1 make transition into space easy.

1.1 Release UFO/anti gravity technology to accelerate transition into space.
1.2 Maybe this UFO technology can also help with force fields against micro-meteors and such.
1.3 Maybe this UFO technology can also help against radiation.
1.4 This UFO technology also seems to have efficient power conversion.


1.5. Build space elevator

Step 2 build computers that can survive the harshness of space.

Step 3 build spaceships.

Step 4 upload/download elite brains into computers.

Step 5 place computers with these brains into spaceships.

Step 6 place some robots into spaceships, maybe some landing pods, so that they have robots
to accumilate resources from comets/planets.

Step 7 maybe also place some small factories/3d printers into spaceship so they can also print
needed parts or new robots.

Step 8 launch these spaceships into space.

Step 9 good riddance of elite, may you have fun in space and be in your way and find whatever it is
that you seek in space ! =D

(Some steps can be done in parallel at least step 1 and step 2)

Step 10 earth continues to evolve biologically as a backup plan for humanity in case the

robotic/cybernetic space conquest fails.

Maybe some day these robotic/cybernetic organism could come back to save us if we under attack from

other evil aliens forces, then again maybe they find it fun to destroy us hohohohohohahahah.. hopefully

not though.

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