How to use 3x360 radiators with MEG Prospect 700R (PC Case) ?

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Skybuck Flying

Jan 8, 2023, 6:36:28 AMJan 8
I love the look of this PC case:

I would love to be able to implement

1. AMD 7950 X3D 16 core CPU stacked with 3D V-Cache
2. NVIDIA RTX 4090

This particular PC case seems to be well suited for EK cooling solutions/radiators.

However there is a problem:

Theoretically this PC case can mount 3 x 360 radiators which would be needed to cool the CPU + the GPU both with water cooling.

However some of the EK cooling solutions require a DISTRIBUTION plate which would replace one of the 360 radiators, which would be a problem, because then there is not enough cooling to cool the CPU + the GPU.

The CPU is rumored to be able to generate close to 250 watts of heat.
The GPU is rumored to be able to generate close to 600 watts of heat (CHIP+RAM)

Basically the official narrative about both CPU and GPU are not thruthfull and could cause surprises for people building personal computers.

So for now I am going to assume that 850 watts of cooling power will be needed to cool these two hot components.

The general rule of thumb seems to be 120 mm/140 mm per 100 watts of heat.

So 850/100 = 8.5 so close to 9 fans needed. Hence the need for 9 fans, basically meaning 3 x 360 mm, which would be 3 x 3 x 120 mm fans at the very least.

Now I am wondering if there is a possibility to use all 3 radiator mounts, do away with the distribution plate, but where and/or how to mount a pump and a reservoir ?!?

What would you do if you had this PC case and wanted to mount this hardware above, is there a way to do it with 3 radiators of 360 mm ?!?

I am a complete noob with water cooling, so any help is appreciated.

Bye for now,
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