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Is there a replacement or upgrade for Samsung SM863a?

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Mark F

Nov 10, 2017, 6:05:38 PM11/10/17
Is there a newer model than Samsung SM863a for enterprise, write
intensive storage? (I know about RM863 and RM863a, but these
are the same vintage as SM863 and SM863a respectively.)

(The rest of this post explains why I am looking for "enterprise"
drives for high write usage, even though:
1. I don't need the TBW capacity of enterprise drives,
2. The consumer drives hold slightly more user data,
3. The consumer drives have a 10 year warranty, as compared to 5 years
for enterprise,
4. The consumer drives are rated for 1 year powered down storage
at end of life, and the enterprise drives are only rated for
3 months off line storage,

I had a problem with a Samsung SSD 850 PRO 2TB
(Model MZ-7KE2T0, also known as Model Code MZ-7KE2T0BW) drive.

After about 3 years, the drive detected 2 bad sectors, but it refuses
to "revector" bad sectors.

Support from Samsung says, backup the drive, do a secure erase,
then restore. Since I have to go through the effort of backing up
the device, feel that I might as well replace the drive with the
latest and greatest (from Samsung) (I would take the old drive,
secure erase it, then return to Samsung for a replacement 850 PRO)

However, it is a lot of work for me to actually replace the drive
in the computer, so I'd rather buy a new drive of the latest and
greatest model and use it instead.

I didn't use Samsung SM863 three years ago because they only were
rated for 3 months powered down storage, not 1 year as the 850 PRO;
the $4000 that I would save over 5 machines and the 10 year warranty
versus 5 year for the SM863 were also pluses for the 850 PRO.

In the hopes of the newer models/ enterprise models being
able to revector bad sectors, I'd like to try and enterprise model

I couldn't find a search on the Samsung web site that returns
the SM863 or SM863a, except by putting a model number that I
already knew about in the search. The consumer phone line is willing
to send me a replacement 850 PRO, but doesn't know about the
enterprise drives. The business support people haven't gotten back to
me, so I posting this on USENET.

By the way:
The SM863 had, and the SM863a probably has, faster write performance
than the 850 PRO and both have fewer outliers in response time, so
my system performance would be better with the enterprise drives for
write intensive use, but for $800/machine in 2014 I went for the
cheaper drives that were rated for longer data retention time, since
I often have at least one system sitting powered down for a year or

Thanks guys.
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