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Oct 9, 2022, 6:38:12 PM10/9/22
I've been considering a Greenpak device or two or even three, in a respin of a new design. I've identified three functions that the Greenpak devices could replace on my board, but not all in the same part! LOL

I'd like to discuss this design with an FAE or salesperson, but I can't seem to get any replies. The Renesas website was clearly created by pointy haired bosses in legion with artistic web designers, with little regard to the process of sharing information. The contact page has controls for specifying your region of the world, but they seem to do nothing.

Does anyone have a US contact for these parts? One of the things I want to learn about is what happens once you hand them a design file for a preprogrammed part. They basically say, you give them the design file, and a few months later you get a part. No mention of part numbering, marking, etc.

I'd like this to become a private label part, with no Greenpak markings. Just a customer part number. Anyone done that before?


Rick C.

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