A bewildering Visio-2019 problem!

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Apr 11, 2021, 2:09:12 PM4/11/21
Unfortunately, I met a bewildering problem with Visio-2019.

I have been using Visio-2019 to make circuit drawings, everything goes well until yesterday. I modified a drawing, and generated a PDF file, after that I used a merging software to merge a set of PDF drawings into one PDF file. When I opened the collected PDF file a strange thing happens: the collected PDF file could not show normally: first several PDF files shows normally, and suddenly starting from the new generated PDS file, all following PDF files showed in contracted form.

First I thought it might be the error caused by the PDF merging software, so I downloaded another PDF merging software, but the situation remained the same, so I was sure it was not the PDF merging software's fault.

Then I thought that it my be Adoby Read DC software fault. I uninstalled the Adoby Read DC software and reloaded it. The situation remained the same.

Finally I decided to reload purchased Visio-2019 3 times, the problem still existed.

After 2 days working I finally found that the Visio-2019 has generated a PDF file in 16.4% scale since my last generating PDF file. Normally it should be in 102% scale.

I tried to find a parameter set up process in Visio-2019 to set the PDF scale parameter, but failed.

I am sure that it is an error caused by Visio-2019 itself.

Please help! Anyone has the similar experience with it to solve the problem.

Thank you.



Apr 14, 2021, 8:31:04 PM4/14/21

Microsoft globally changes multiple product behaviors through its last update, relating to PDF generating problem. See details from https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/msoffice/forum/msoffice_visio-mso_win10-mso_o365b/saveprint-asexport-visio-powerpoint-and-excel/e4d7ef13-b4fc-4fd1-8a7f-7c4091977896?messageId=d32f898e-6a5d-4cfd-b22a-2d9888ca7b9a.

Thank you.
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